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Improving Decision Making Based on Numbers

Bringing You the Combined Power of Spreadsheets, BI and Presentations

Visyond brings you the combined power of spreadsheets, BI and presentations in a single platform that empowers a secure and partial sharing of your data & projects. Internal and external stakeholders only see & interact with the data they need. Visyond streamlines your spreadsheet workflows and efficiently connects decision makers, modelers, consultants, clients, internal and external stakeholders through a single secure environment that guarantees transparency and accountability. Different people like different things about Visyond. Some enjoy having full control over who can see what; whether a worksheet, a cell or even only the interactive slides that are driven by the spreadsheet.. Some find peace of mind knowing they don’t have to manually keep track of endless changes & versions or spend long hours hunting down errors. Others appreciate the simplicity and automation of workflows, as well as the ability to answer ‘what-if’ questions without constantly relying on experts. What everyone likes is that Visyond helps them make better decisions, faster.

Our leadership team

  • Gianluca Bisceglie
    Gianluca Bisceglie Founder & CEO

    Gianluca is a technologist, strategist and private equity executive with broad international experience across both mature and emerging markets. He began his career at Vodafone in engineering and technology strategy and, prior to founding Visyond, worked in senior roles in Private Equity in the Middle East and Russia.

  • Alexander Trousevich
    Alexander Trousevich CTO

    Before Visyond, Alexander developed OLAP services and other SAAS and desktop applications for business automation and business intelligence systems. He began his career as system administrator and DevOps in NTC IRS. Alexander holds a MSc in Physics from Moscow State University.

  • Besnik Vrellaku
    Besnik Vrellaku CMO

    Prior to Visyond, Besnik led the digital strategy for a division of a FTSE 250 company, Oxford Instruments plc. He previously was a growth driver at Webxpenses, a fast growing SaaS company. Having been in startups for over 7 years and with a business & marketing background, Besnik has seen through large sales and marketing activities for exponential growth.

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