On a journey to better spreadsheets

Financial spreadsheets haven't evolved in decades. We are on a mission to change that, so you can up your numbers game.

Coming from finance, we know first hand all the pains of working with spreadsheets the old way - be it simple 1-page budgets or complex thousand-line cashflow models. We've spent countless hours ourselves chasing inputs from team mates and juggling with multiple instances of the same file. We know what it's like to spend evenings perfecting our charts and reports just to redo them all again because of a last minute change in 1 number. And we learned it hard way, how embarrassing it may be finding an error in your calculations in a decisive meeting in front of your boss. Starting out Visyond we've committed to change this. We are working very hard to take the best of today's existing technology like cloud computing, mobile and machine learning to give users like us a modern spreadsheet experience they deserve - visual, hassle-free, mobile and safe. That's why we've built a powerful spreadsheet platform that automates human routine and error-prone tasks, streamlines collaboration, analysis and reporting and gives users unprecedented freedom and protection.

How Visyond came to be

Visyond has started out by trying to solve a problem we experienced ourselves for many years while working with spreadsheets. Having felt frustrated so many times about the complexity and unnecessary hours spent doing routine tasks manually and chasing errors and yet seeing how technology was improving the landscape of our jobs in so many areas, we knew there had to be a better way to work on spreadsheets. So we started off by building a handful of scripts and add-ons to automate our own routine workflows. However, we soon realized that other people we knew and worked with had the same problems and were also looking for ways to improve their spreadsheet sprawl. This is when we decided that a hobby coding project could become something bigger. Interest and insights from other active spreadsheet users inspired us to embark on an endeavour to build a modern, intuitive and intelligent solution that would change how people work with spreadsheets. Being our own target audience, we really wanted to build a software that we would love to use ourselves and would be proud sharing with our colleagues and professionals alike.

Our leadership team

  • Gianluca Bisceglie
    Gianluca Bisceglie Founder & CEO

    Gianluca is a technologist, strategist and private equity executive with broad international experience across both mature and emerging markets. He began his career at Vodafone in engineering and technology strategy and, prior to founding Visyond, worked in senior roles in Private Equity in the Middle East and Russia.

  • Alexander Trousevich
    Alexander Trousevich CTO

    Before Visyond, Alexander developed OLAP services and other SAAS and desktop applications for business automation and business intelligence systems. He began his career as system administrator and DevOps in NTC IRS. Alexander holds a MSc in Physics from Moscow State University.

  • Besnik Vrellaku
    Besnik Vrellaku CMO

    Prior to Visyond, Besnik led the digital strategy for a division of a FTSE 250 company, Oxford Instruments plc. He previously was a growth driver at Webxpenses, a fast growing SaaS company. Having been in startups for over 7 years and with a business & marketing background, Besnik has seen through large sales and marketing activities for exponential growth.

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