Explore & Analyze Spreadsheet Data from New Perspectives with Multidimensional Analysis Online
(Pivot / Cube / OLAP Analysis)

Get what no other spreadsheet-based technology stack can give you. Anywhere you are, on any platform.
  • Planning automation
  • Quick adoption
  • Secure collaboration
  • Error reduction
  • Excel Compatible Excel Compatible
  • Intuitive, Familiar, & Easy to Use Intuitive, Familiar, & Easy to Use
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Why Visyond

Find actionable insights and improve descriptive analytics with Visyond’s Online OLAP Analysis and pivot tables that are synchronized with your spreadsheets in real time and grant you flexibility other BI tools don’t.

Enter Visyond

  • View Data From Different Angles

    Gain new business insights and understand your data better:

    • Aggregate historical & transactional data to see the big picture
    • Slice & Dice, Drill Up & Down the summarized data and have access to underlying assumptions
    • Sort, group and filter data based on different parameters
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  • Go Beyond Flat Numerical Data

    Visyond’s self-service OLAP analysis is connected directly to your spreadsheet models without additional data preparation, processing and migrations:

    • Have secure access not only to numbers behind aggregations but also to calculations behind the data
    • Test assumptions, build forward-looking projections and forecasts based not only on raw data but also on formulas from your spreadsheet models
    • Collaborate on and securely share OLAP analysis & reports with stakeholders with Selective Sharing: like any other module in Visyond
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  • Flexible Ad-Hoc OLAP Analysis and Reporting

    Visyond combines models and their outputs directly with OLAP tables and charts, allowing for flexible, on-the-fly multidimensional analysis:

    • Structure your worksheet to have consistent structures (e.g., each worksheet is the operating model or P&L of a business unit) and have your finance cube automatically built
    • Easily apply custom calculations and transformations to your reports
    • Customize structure by adding rows, columns and dimensions in real time without long data preparation, processing and exports to other platforms
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Flexible. Familiar. Scalable.

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As Featured In

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Matthew Bernath's Financial Modelling Podcast
‘Cloud-based financial modeling platforms’ (Ep. 44)

Get started in minutes

  • A flexible and familiar spreadsheet interface that is cross-compatible with Excel
  • Low entry barrier - Visyond is easy to use and learn
  • Full transparency and control over your data
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