Enhanced Spreadsheet
Governance and Control

It is time to take your spreadsheets under control!

Traditional spreadsheets cannot handle dynamic and fluid information flow and effectively manage organization of data. As a consequence, human errors are inevitably introduced. Hours and days are lost in attempts to track down changes and compare different versions of the same document. New regulations and data protection rules also create additional pressure and scrutiny requiring organizations to transform and adapt their workflows.

Visyond eradicates all these obstacles!

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How Visyond improves spreadsheet governance

Tracking everything inside the cell, enable full accountability

In Visyond, each cell is a database that stores multiple inputs from different people, comments and even file attachments. Information about who changed what and when is always available for you to view.

Full version control, no need for storing multiple files

No one can change your input, accidentally delete or change your formula or assumption. All changes and steps are self-documented, and the audit trail is kept for ever.

Access & Permissions control

Have full control over who has access to what at granular level. Manage permissions and restrictions like seeing only certain cells, worksheets, or reports.

Seamless collaboration

All related discussions, comments, supporting information, and attachments are stored inside the cell.

Improved Spreadsheet Management and Governance

  • Full control over data

    Finally, single version of the truth! Every change, input and scenario is securely stored in your spreadsheet.

  • Simple version control and seamless collaboration

    Multiple people can work together from anywhere on any device, without the risk of breaking or overwriting each other’s data or formulas.

  • Full transparency and accountability

    Track who did what, enjoy complete accountability with a self-documenting audit trail and compare versions on the fly.

  • Secure and granular access management

    Gain full control over who can access or edit the data - have multiple people work simultaneously with different views of the same spreadsheet, with access strictly controlled to safeguard sensitive data.

  • Compatibility

    Visyond is fully compatible with legacy tools such as Excel. Import, export, or link to your spreadsheets or other data sources through our API.

  • Low switching costs & minimum learning curve

    Visyond is easy to use and learn. If you are familiar with Excel then you should feel yourself right at home! Learning how to use Visyond will not take a lot of time for your team.

How Visyond is different

  • Visyond offers comprehensive audit trail, data security and transparency
  • Ensures quick turn-around and allows quick strategic decision-making
  • Greatly accelerates input-gathering from multiple stakeholders
  • Reduces data chaos and guarantees peace of mind

When I use Visyond I see my accuracy and ability to answer questions about my work go up. I can do more and have peace of mind.

Fernando Rizzo, Area Manager, Elettronica


Visyond subscriptions start at $25/user/month.

For companies and teams the prices are custom and depend on specific use cases and feature requirements

  • Business

    • Unlimited projects
    • Unlimited collaborators
    • Unlimited tracking & versions
    • Email and phone support
    • Online training
  • Enterprise

    all in Business plus

    • Custom workflows
    • Custom integrations
    • On-premise installation
    • Dedicated account manager
    • Onboarding program
  • Consulting

    • Pricing based on use intensity
    • Pay only for required features
    • Custom branding and reports
    • Affiliate program

I have finally full control on the source and impact of any assumptions, and can confidently answer what-if questions with a few clicks.

Nina Fedorova, Senior Consultant, DELOITTE