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Why Visyond?

Decision making requires modeling, scenario planning, forecasting, analytics, knowledge management, data visualization and reporting tools.

Analysts, experts, clients, CxOs must collaborate with strict requirements on data security and governance.

Without Visyond, the process requires multiple platforms and causes numerous problems.

Why Visyond?

Short Demos

Please watch the short demo videos below.

Collaborative Scenario Planning (2 min)

Auto-analysis and Interactive Dashboards (2.5 min)

Interactive Presentations and Spreadsheet-driven Calculators (1.5 min)

Automated Pro Forma Financial Statements

Please see this article.

Live Demo (15 minutes)

How Ericsson accelerates their business case workflow by 80% and empowers their customers with Visyond.

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Product Tour

See this product tour.

How is Visyond Different from Other Spreadsheets?

Visyond looks and feels like a spreadsheet but offers you much more than general purpose spreadsheets, even when augmented with add-ons.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Financial Modelling Innovation Awards 2020

Visyond wins the Out of Excel award at the Financial Modelling Innovation Awards 2020!

Financial Modelling Innovation Awards Out Of Excel Category Winner - Visyond

Financial Services

We and our partners offer managed services on the Visyond platform.

Try Visyond

Visyond includes different modules that you can evaluate during a 14-day trial. After the trial, you can subscribe to the modules you need or use the free version.

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