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Combine the expertise of professional management consultants with the benefits of Visyond platform. Understand your data and make better decisions, faster.
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Get a Decision Support System Based on Your Spreadsheet


Professional Expertise

Visyond collaborates with established professionals who can perform consulting and financial services for you and your business, leveraging the Visyond platform.


Faster Time to Value

Visyond and its Partners use our in-house tech to deliver actionable insights faster, without wasting time and budgets on long, error-prone, manual setups.


Self-service Platform

You will have access to a powerful and easy-to-use platform during the service, and keep access to all deliverables afterwards.

Services Managed by Visyond

Analytics, Dashboards and Reporting as a Service

We will analyze your model and data using our in-house tech, deliver valuable business insights you can conveniently self-serve on, and create interactive dashboards driven by your model to help you answer ‘what-if’ questions.

  • Services and Deliverables

      Find the most important business drivers
        We will identify the most important business drivers (e.g. revenue streams and costs)…
        …and visualize their impact on KPIs, enabling you to focus on what’s really important so you can take appropriate action for cost reductions or revenue optimization.
      Answer ‘what-if’ questions
        We will create and analyze different scenarios, stress-test various assumptions, and visualize how they affect KPIs to help you answer ‘what-if’ questions.
      Identify risk factors and run simulations
        We will identify risk factors, run simulations on them and visualize the probability that certain KPIs (e.g. profits) are going to be at a certain level.
      Create interactive dashboards
        We will create interactive, spreadsheet-driven dashboards that you and your stakeholders (team, clients, etc.) can use to independently answer ‘what-if’ questions and stress-test assumptions without breaking the model or exposing sensitive information (model or its data).
  • Platform Benefits

      Collaborative, self-service environment
        After we do the work, you will be able to play with the numbers and answer ‘what-if’ questions by yourself, without any technical know-how, to see how your inputs change the outcome.
        You can securely distribute the analyses and interactive dashboards only to specific stakeholders, shielding them from the complexity of the model, unnecessary information, or sensitive data. You decide what each person can view or interact with.
      Easy-to-use analysis tools
        You will be able to easily run your own analyses (e.g. Sensitivity, Scenario and Scenario Waterfall, Monte Carlo simulations), or customize the analyses we have created for you, without the fear of overwriting completed work.
      Always up-to-date information
        No need for manual maintenance - the charts, analyses, and dashboards remain up-to-date when you change the numbers in the spreadsheet.

Services Managed by Partners on the Visyond Platform

Financial Modeling and Consulting

Have professional modelers create financial models for your business as a whole, or for specific tasks, and get a variety of management consulting services.

  • Services

      Building new models
        Tell us about your business and goals, and we will help you pick the right business model and turn it into a financial model you can easily self-serve on.
        We can also build custom models for your specific use-case: feasibility study, market forecasting, KPI system development, etc.
      Fine-tuning existing models
        We will maximize the usefulness of your models, and help you answer key numeric and strategic questions. To do this, we can restructure and/or design new output sheets in your model for specific use cases, such as feasibility analyses, business model selection, business restructuring, etc.
        We can also audit the spreadsheet and identify the root causes of errors, find unused cells cluttering the model, and suggest enhancements to improve the model’s overall user-friendliness.
      Management consulting
        We can help you improve your organization’s performance by finding alternative revenue sources, working on operational efficiency, or determining optimal financing structures (debt and equity).
        Our core service areas also include market entry and expansion strategies, turnaround and restructuring plans for distressed assets, and feasibility analyses for new investments.
      Benchmarking and assumptions
        We can provide industry-specific assumptions to be used in your models so you can base your decisions on reliable forward-looking projections.
  • Partners

      Adan Corporate Services Limited
        Adan Corporate Services Limited is an international corporate advisory firm with global reach through an expansive network of multi-disciplinary corporate professionals, mostly former C-suite executives of listed companies.
        Our team has provided a wide range of bespoke advisory services to small and medium sized firms at every step of the value creation journey - from seed-funding to IPOs.
        We specialize in providing junior and mid-tier growth firms with the widest reach to cross-border financing and transactions.
        The spectrum of our relationships with key decision makers helps us assist clients with innovative forms of financing. We work on a long-term relationship basis with banks, PE/VC funds, promoters and investors, built on trust, transparency and results.
      Strategic Choice Advisory Ltd.
        Strategic Choice Advisory Ltd. core services include feasibility studies, efficiency improvement programs, strategies for new market entry and business turnarounds, and buy-side M&A advisory.
        Historically we have been working closely with clients from Asia Pacific countries in CIS and other markets, including Southeast Asia, India, and Israel.
        While we are capable of and regularly do work in various industries across the board, over the years we have developed focused competencies in Oil&Gas downstream and chemicals, and healthcare (mainly, services and equipment, plus biotech). Our other core competencies cover agriculture and food, machinery & equipment, and IT.

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