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Why Visyond?

Visyond is a secure, cloud-based, Excel-compatible spreadsheet modeling, analysis automation and interactive reporting platform that works in the browser and focuses on data security and digital innovation.

Visyond offers a unique yet familiar all-in-one integrated solution that connects all steps of your business workflow in a single platform: from data gathering from subject-matter experts and subsequent analysis of this data to preparation of interactive visualizations and reports to help decision makers make better decisions, faster.

Flexible. Familiar. Scalable.

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With Visyond, You Can

  • Create, Compare and Analyze Scenarios On-the-fly

    Collaborative budgeting and forecasting.
    Scenario analysis automation.
    Create and visually compare scenarios (i.e. Budget vs. Actual) on the fly, during meetings or presentations without depending on experts.

    Switching between scenarios automatically updates all linked cells, charts and presentations without compromising integrity of data.
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    • Budget vs. Actual
    • Combine assumptions into scenarios that can be switched and compared at any time
    • Instantly compare and generate scenario comparison charts with a few clicks
  • Visualize How Changes Affect KPIs

    Self-service stress-testing and analysis automation.
    Collaborative scenario planning.
    Spreadsheet-driven ‘what-if’ dashboards.
    Instantly visualize the impact of key business drivers, automate analytical tasks and, in minutes, carry out analyses that used to take hours or days to prepare without worrying about deleting previous work.

    Create, compare and switch between scenarios on the fly, and see all linked cells, charts and presentations update accordingly without losing existing information or compromising integrity of data.

    Generate spreadsheet-driven interactive dashboards to test assumptions and self-serve on ‘what-if’ questions without the risk of changing or breaking the spreadsheet.
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    • Automate Sensitivity, Scenario and Waterfall analyses, and Monte Carlo simulations
    • Answer ‘what-if’ questions by combining assumptions into scenarios that can be switched on-the-fly and visually compared at any time with a few clicks
    • Eliminate risk of accidental changes in the spreadsheet when testing assumptions
  • Simplify Data Gathering and Consolidation

    Knowledge management for investment projects.
    Data gathering without version chaos.
    Secure and granular data sharing.
    Share special data-entry worksheets with subject-matter experts where they can input data. Then use that data to update any predictive model you have. Data-entry collaborators will only see their specific data entry worksheets without seeing the rest of the model.

    Collaborators can add supporting documents, attachments and comments directly inside the relevant cells so you can easily locate the source of information.
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    • Collaborate on investment projects and know who contributed what, when and why
    • Gather data without trouble of going through email threads and attachments
    • Avoid exposing sensitive data and shield collaborators from unnecessary information
    • Establish a single place to store all your spreadsheet data - changes, assumptions, documents and conversations
    • Multiple assumptions can coexist in a cell as opposed to last value overwriting the existing one, and nobody, including the project owner, can modify data entered by others.
  • Share Actionable Insights

    Always up-to-date presentation layer.
    Reports driven by your model.
    Control over who sees what.
    Have the always up-to-date and audited spreadsheet drive the interactive slides for live presentations and stress-testing. Distribute interactive presentations to internal and external stakeholders, which they can use to ask the spreadsheet ‘what-if’ questions using sliders and dropdowns without actually touching, changing or seeing the model.
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    • Empower stakeholders to independently answer ‘what-if’ questions and stress-test the model
    • Eliminate risk of accidental changes in the model when testing assumptions
    • Control information flow by sharing only specific parts of presentations
    • Automate creation of Balance Sheets, Income and Cash Flow statements
  • Improve Project Analysis and Reporting

    Data governance and spreadsheet audit.
    Errors and data anomalies detection.
    Information exchange without version chaos.
    Quickly check correctness of spreadsheets and improve the quality of your decisions by insuring that you take action based on accurate, up-to-date numbers and audited, error-free financial models.

    Have complete control over your projects at every step of the way and ensure data security, correctness and integrity of your models, identify errors, track changes, and document the information flows.
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    • Instantly identify errors and their root cause
    • Understand spreadsheet structure, detect errors and anomalies
    • Control information flow by sharing only specific parts of your projects
    • Prevent version chaos and see history of changes
  • Generate Financial Statements Linked To Your Model

    KPI reports automation.
    Financial statements generation.
    Generate forward looking predictive financial statements, driven by assumptions in your spreadsheet, and automate the preparation of reports based on your settings and accounting standards.
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    • Automate creation of Balance Sheets, Income and Cash Flow statements
    • Create calculations of growth and changes against previous periods, financial and management ratios & KPIs, and depreciation schedules

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