Visyond For Data Tracking and Governance

Establish a Single Source of Truth for Your Spreadsheets

Get what no other spreadsheet-based technology can give you.
Do in minutes what takes you days now.
  • Excel Compatible Excel Compatible
  • Intuitive, Familiar, & Easy to Use Intuitive, Familiar, & Easy to Use
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Why Visyond?

Visyond offers a centralized repository to store and track all your spreadsheet data - changes, assumptions, supporting documentation, conversations and approvals, allowing to track changes from an Excel file.

Flexible. Familiar. Scalable.

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With Visyond, You Can

  • Track What Is Happening in Your Projects

    Data governance and audit trail.
    Collaboration without overwriting data.
    Data gathering without version chaos.
    Track changes and collaborate across multiple departments and workstreams in a single secure environment connecting decision makers, analysts, modelers, consultants, clients and prospects.
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    • Multiple assumptions can coexist in the same cell. The last added value does not overwrite the existing ones. Nobody, including the project owner, can modify data entered by others
    • Multiple collaborators can work on the same project, and Visyond will track and report who added which assumptions, when and why
    • Share only specific worksheets, reports and dashboards with specific people for better control over information flow and data privacy
  • Organize Assumptions, Documents and Conversations In Cells

    Single source of truth and knowledge management.
    Model documentation at your fingertips.
    Data sharing without external tools.
    Establish a single place to store all your spreadsheet data - changes, assumptions, documents and conversations - in the same environment where you carry out calculations, analyses and visualizations.
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    • Add supporting documents, attachments and comments directly inside the relevant cells so you can easily retrieve them and know who provided them
    • Automatically document the model as you and your collaborators work on it

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  • Cloud or on-premise platform and Excel add-in
  • Easy to use, no complicated menus to learn
  • Get started in minutes
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