What is Visyond?

Single collaborative spreadsheet, analysis and presentation platform connecting, automating and tracking everything whilst safeguarding sensitive information

Why Visyond

Decision making requires modeling, analytics, knowledge management, data visualization and reporting tools:
analysts, experts, clients, CxOs must collaborate with strict requirements on data security and governance.

Without Visyond, the process requires multiple platforms and causes the following problems

Enter Visyond

Secure Selective Sharing of a Single Source of Truth

Secure data by sharing only sub-parts each collaborator needs to interact with.

Track all changes, comments, support information in one place.

Transparency, governance, accountability, knowledge management.

Collaborative Automatic What-if Analysis in Real Time

Do in minutes what takes you days now.

Collaborators contribute analyses in one document, not their version.

Data Visualization in the same place where you carry out calculations.

Automatic, spreadsheet-driven presentations and reporting.

Minimum Learning Curve and Compatibility with Excel

Keep your work habits & leverage Excel skills in a familiar environment.

Custom workflows, integrations and on-premise installation available.

Automated and standardized workflows.

  • save time
    Save up to 80% of time on routine tasks
  • save time
    Reduce average cost by $420 per employee/month
  • save time
    Significantly reduce errors

So Why Visyond?

Visyond Enables Collaboration, Security and Automation at
Every Step of Modeling, Analysis & Presentation for Decision Making

Collaborators view or edit only selected parts of projects
without being exposed to unnecessary details or sensitive information.

Single source of truth is established by tracking inputs, history of changes, scenarios, sensitivities, simulations,
conversations, and supporting documentation in a single place that tells a story where nobody can overwrite other’s work.

Analyses, presentations and calculators, dashboards and reports are dynamically driven by spreadsheets,
built and shared in minutes without experts or moving data across tools.

Risk of errors is reduced with on-the-fly ‘What-If’ analysis, Financial Statements, KPIs, Pivot Tables and Cubes.


How We Compare to Others?

Spreadsheet, debug and audit
Selective sharing and workflows on a single source of truth
Collaborative what-if analysis in real time
Spreadsheet driven interactive presentations and reports
Cost / Value

Get started in minutes

  • A flexible and familiar spreadsheet interface that is cross-compatible with Excel
  • Low entry barrier - Visyond is easy to use and learn
  • Full transparency and control over your data

Find out how to improve your decision-making process today

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