Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is Visyond different from a general purpose spreadsheet?

      Visyond is built for secure collaboration and knowledge management
        You never lose information. Multiple assumptions can coexist in the same cell. The last added value does not overwrite the existing ones. Nobody, including the project owner, can modify data entered by others.
        You easily manage scenarios. Create and compare scenarios on-the-fly with just a few clicks during meetings or presentations, and quickly identify which business drivers change between scenarios.
        You decide who sees and interacts with specific worksheets and dashboards. Share only specific worksheets, reports and dashboards with specific people for better control over information flow and data privacy.
        You connect decision makers, consultants, analysts, modelers, and other stakeholders together in a single secure environment. Out of the box, every member of the team has access to automated tools that help them do their job faster, while minimizing the risk of accidental errors.
      Visyond is built for data tracking and to provide real-time insights
        You know what’s happening in your projects. Multiple collaborators can work on the same project, and Visyond will track and report all assumptions created by multiple collaborators, attachments, and conversations.
        You have a bird’s-eye view of your spreadsheets. At a glance you will be able to see all scenarios and assumptions that drive your spreadsheets, analyses and dashboards created by different collaborators, errors and their root causes, conversations and attachments.
        You are in full control of all the steps of your workflow. From spreadsheet modeling and auditing, data gathering, forecasting and scenario planning, to the presentation of interactive dashboards, financial statements and reports. All this happens in one place, creating a single source of truth, in the same environment where you carry out calculations.
      Visyond is built for reducing the risk of accidental errors
        You visualize model structure, detect errors and potential data inconsistencies in real time, and easily understand formulas thanks to the option to use natural language (e.g., Revenues[2021] = Revenues[2020] * (1 + growth[2021) vs B3 = B2 * ( 1 + A3) ).
        You save countless hours of tracking errors in the spreadsheet. Instantly identify errors, their propagation chain and root cause, and navigate precedent and dependent cells.
  • How is Visyond different from analytics tools?

      Visyond is built for automation, flexibility and convenience
        You analyze formula-driven data on the fly. Automate and carry out, in minutes, analyses and stress-tests that used hours or days to set up.
        You analyze data in the same place where you carry out calculations and create visualizations. Visyond connects spreadsheets and their outputs directly to collaborative, flexible and automated analysis tools. Each collaborator can run their own set of analyses on-the-fly, without overwriting or changing others’ work. Visyond then connects the outputs of analyses to interactive, spreadsheet-driven dashboards, allowing collaborators to view the outcome of your analyses and/or interact with the spreadsheet without actually touching or seeing the spreadsheet.
        You operate with real-time data. You don’t have to waste time on data preparation or risk to introduce errors while transferring data between modeling software and visualization or reporting tools. All changes in the models are immediately reflected in the analyses that you run and in the interactive dashboards you distribute to stakeholders.
      Visyond is built for self-service collaborative analysis and decision making
        You remove bottlenecks. Empower collaborators to contribute their own analyses in self-service mode, without depending on modelers and analysts.
        You don’t overwrite other people’s work. Collaborators that contribute their analyses will not overwrite each other’s work so you can safely collaborate without fear of losing important information.
  • How is Visyond different from BI / data visualization tools?

      Visyond and BI Tools are not directly comparable
        Visyond and BI Tools are not directly comparable: they are two different types of applications with different focus. Visyond has general BI functionalities. BI Tools alone cannot do what Visyond does.
      Visyond is built for real-time data updates
        Models and visualizations use the same data source. Dashboards and calculators are connected directly to your spreadsheets without additional data preparation, processing and migrations.
        Not only backward-looking. Build forward-looking projections and forecasts based not only on raw data but also on formulas from your spreadsheet models.
      Visyond is built for self-service and interactivity
        Interact with spreadsheets through a secure, always up-to-date presentation layer. Create interactive, spreadsheet-driven calculators and dashboards, and share with each stakeholder only what they need to see or interact with. With dashboard’s controls (sliders, drop-downs, etc.) connected directly to the spreadsheet cells, you can let collaborators query the spreadsheet and get the outputs without seeing or modifying the spreadsheet. You can allow collaborators to apply certain scenarios from you spreadsheet to the dashboard they see.
        Empower collaborators to test assumptions independently and self-serve on ‘what-if’ questions, while shielding them from sensitive or unnecessary information.
  • What Visyond is not?

      Visyond is not ‘Big Data’
        Like any other spreadsheet, Visyond is not a Big Data platform.. Instead, we focus on formula-based calculations. If you want to operate on more than 10,000 rows, 1,000 columns or 128 worksheets, then Visyond might not be what you are looking for. However, you can use totals/aggregated data as assumptions to drive your predictive model.
      Visyond is not an add-on or a standalone visualization tool
        Visyond is a collaboration-first platform that combines spreadsheets, automated analysis and spreadsheet-driven visualizations into a streamlined, integrated workflow.
  • How easy it is to start using Visyond?

      Minimal learning curve
        Visyond is very easy to use – it looks and feels like a general spreadsheet. Keep your work habits & leverage Excel skills in a familiar environment.
      Step-by-step guides
        We have built an extensive knowledge base that explains how to use Visyond should you have any trouble. ‘Training mode’ in the application will walk you through the features and workflows on the module’s page.
      Accessible anywhere
        Visyond does not require installations or complex setups – it works in the browser.
  • Can I work on my Excel projects?

      Yes, Visyond is Excel-compatible
        We support Excel syntax and formulas so you can import most Excel files or create a project directly in Visyond using the same skill set you need to create an Excel file. You can also export to Excel.
        You may have to tweak something on import as you would do when importing from Excel to Google for example, but if your models are not using cutting edge functionalities (that even Excel online would not support), you would be good to go.
  • Do you have an API and Macros? What integrations are available?

        We have an open API that allows you to interact with Visyond projects externally (i.e. adding external sources, managing access permissions and collaborators, etc.) but not internally (i.e. querying the contents of a project). Please tell us more about how you want to use an API.
        Visyond does not support macros yet, but our team can port them to JavaScript, if needed.
        Visyond can integrate with Excel and reference an Excel file as an ‘external source’ inside a Visyond project (for example, to display a value from an Excel cell in a Visyond cell). We are open to discuss custom integrations for your specific needs, as we’ve found out that ‘one size fits all’ integrations don’t really cut it for something as varied as spreadsheet models and many different systems people use in conjunction with them.
  • How fast is Visyond?

      Visyond is as fast as online leading platforms can be
        It runs in the browser and its performance should be compared to Excel 365, Google Sheets and other online tools. Install the latest version of your browser for the best user experience (we recommend Google Chrome). Also, close unneeded applications, tabs and browser windows to free up memory.
  • How much does Visyond cost?

      Pricing depends on the plan that you pick
  • Can you build a model for me? Do you provide services?

  • Is there a free version?

      There is a free version of Visyond
        Visyond includes different modules that you can evaluate during a 14-day trial. After the trial, you can subscribe to the modules you need or use the free version.
        Sign up for a free 14-day trial here.
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