From Spreadsheets to Interactive Dashboards in a Few Clicks

Transform your spreadsheets into a collaborative planning and decision-making platform that drives performance
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With Visyond, You Can

  • Compare Scenarios On-the-fly

    Budget vs. actual and forecasting.
    Scenario planning.
    Compare scenarios in real time during client meetings or presentations, and turn planning and forecasting into a truly collaborative experience.
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    • Automate scenario management and analysis.
    • Track assumptions and scenarios from your collaborators, and always know where the numbers are coming from.
    • Visualize the drivers that change between scenarios.
    • Empower collaborators to test scenarios independently via interactive dashboards, shielding them from information overload.
  • Share Interactive Dashboards

    Interactive dashboards and ‘what-if’ calculators.
    Test scenarios without corrupting data.
    Securely share interactive, spreadsheet-driven dashboards, and empower collaborators to test scenarios in self-service mode without the risk of breaking the spreadsheet.
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    • Add cells and charts from the spreadsheet to dashboards, style them as sliders or dropdowns, and see how changes in inputs affect the outputs in real time.
    • Your spreadsheets are safe: changing data on the dashboard does not change the spreadsheets.
    • Share only specific dashboards and scenarios with specific collaborators.
  • Automate Spreadsheet Analysis

    Collaborative analysis.
    Self-service stress-testing.
    Monte Carlo simulation.
    Analyze important decision metrics in a few clicks, and empower collaborators to contribute their own analyses, in a platform that connects spreadsheets, analyses and dashboards in a single place.
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    • Visualize the impact of important cells with Tornado Analysis.
    • Answer ‘what-if’ questions with Scenario Analysis.
    • Visualize the cells that change between scenarios with Scenario Waterfall Analysis.
    • Learn what really drives your decision metrics and see how sensitive your model is to changes with Sensitivity Analysis.
    • Analyze risks with Monte Carlo simulations.
    • Get presentation-ready analysis charts and securely share them with collaborators.
    • Extend your collaborators’ analyses without anyone losing or corrupting data.
  • Control Who Sees Specific Worksheets and Dashboards

    Secure data sharing.
    Role-based access control.
    Make collaboration easier and safer. Protect spreadsheets and dashboards from unwanted changes and unauthorized access by assigning roles to collaborators and sharing only specific worksheets and dashboards with them.
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    • Protect sensitive data from unauthorized access.
    • Hide the complexity of the spreadsheet behind easy-to-use interactive dashboards, exposing only relevant inputs collaborators can ‘play’ with.
    • Simplify data gathering by sharing data-entry worksheets with collaborators without exposing the rest of the spreadsheet.
  • Visualize Spreadsheet Structure, Detect Errors and Anomalies

    Spreadsheet modeling and auditing.
    Error root cause analysis.
    Make your spreadsheets error-proof. Get a bird’s-eye view of spreadsheet structure, detect root causes of errors and anomalies.
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    • Find out if there’s something wrong with your model: identify the root causes of errors, and navigate the propagation chain.
    • Make your models easier to understand with natural language formulas.
    • Identify cell types and content at a glance (i.e., input, output, numbers, strings, boolean).
  • Track What Is Happening in Your Spreadsheets

    Data governance and tracking.
    Collaboration without version chaos.
    Track changes and collaborate on spreadsheets, analyses and dashboards in a secure environment connecting decision makers, analysts, modelers, consultants, and clients.
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    • Multiple assumptions can coexist in the same cell. The last added value does not overwrite the existing ones. Nobody, including the spreadsheet owner, can change data entered by others.
    • Visyond will track who added each assumption.
    • Share only specific worksheets and dashboards with specific people for better control over information flow and data privacy.
  • Keep Important Information at Your Fingertips

    Knowledge management.
    Data sharing without external tools.
    Establish a single place to store your spreadsheet data — changes, scenarios, attachments and comments — in the same environment where you do calculations, create analyses and visualizations.
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    • Add attachments and comments in the relevant cells for easy access.
    • Automatically document the spreadsheet as you and your collaborators work on it.
  • Automate Pro-Forma Financial Statements

    Reports automation.
    Generate always up-to-date, forward-looking financial statements from your spreadsheet. Just select relevant rows and columns, and Visyond will do the rest.
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    • Automate Balance Sheets, Income Statements and Cash Flow statements.
    • Customize reports according to your accounting standards.
    • Visyond will automatically calculate financial and management ratios.
    • The statements will remain up-to-date when you change the numbers in the spreadsheet.
    • If the forecasts detect that additional funding is required, Visyond will show how much debt and/or equity you need to raise.

Flexible. Familiar. Scalable.

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Get Started in 3 Simple Steps

  • 1

    Connect Your Spreadsheet

    Import your Excel spreadsheet (or build one in Visyond) or install our add-in to transform it into an interactive and collaborative decision-making platform.
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    • You don’t need consultants, IT experts, or lengthy installations to start using the platform.
    • Use your Excel skills and improve your performance without having to learn new menus and workflow.
  • 2

    Analyze with a Few Clicks

    Select cells you want to analyze, and get presentation-ready Sensitivities, Scenarios, and Monte Carlo Simulations.
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    • You don’t need to move data across many tools: Visyond’s analyses are integrated with the spreadsheets and dashboards.
    • Both Excel experts and novices will get things done quickly.
  • 3

    Share Insights via Dashboards

    Select cells and charts from the spreadsheet, add them to interactive dashboards, and securely share them.
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    • Nobody can accidentally corrupt spreadsheet data or obstruct the dashboard views of other collaborators.
    • Once created - always updated: Visyond’s dashboards require minimal to no maintenance.

Work the Way You Like

Excel Add-in
Get the Excel add-in if you want to use macros, other add-ins and cutting-edge Excel features, or to work with very large spreadsheets.
Cloud Platform
Sign up for the cloud platform if you want advanced collaboration on spreadsheets, scenarios, analyses and interactive dashboards with secure, role-based access control.

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  • Easy to use, no complicated menus to learn
  • Get started in minutes
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