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  • Planning automation
  • Quick adoption
  • Secure collaboration
  • Error reduction
  • Excel Compatible Excel Compatible
  • Flexible, Familiar, & Easy to Use Flexible, Familiar, & Easy to Use
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Visyond is for...


    • Analysts and Modelers
      Analysts and Modelers
    • CxOs & Decision Makers
      CxOs & Decision Makers
    • Sales & Communication
      Sales & Communication
    • Consultants

    • Risk Management
      Risk Management
    • Planning & Modelling
      Planning & Modelling
    • Budgeting & Forecasting
      Budgeting & Forecasting
    • Financial Reporting
      Financial Reporting
    • Investment Analysis
      Investment Analysis
    • Scenario Analysis
      Scenario Analysis

    • Banking
    • Management Consulting
      Management Consulting
    • Financial Services
      Financial Services
    • Telecommunication
    • Real Estate
      Real Estate
    • Insurance

What Visyond Solves

Decision making requires modeling, analytics, knowledge management, data visualization and reporting tools: analysts, experts, clients, CxOs must collaborate with strict requirements on data security and governance.

Without Visyond, the process requires multiple platforms and causes numerous problems…

Enter Visyond

  • Single Secure Environment

    Efficiently collaborate across departments and multiple workstreams with a single secure environment connecting decision makers, analysts, modelers, consultants, clients and prospects.
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    • Share only specific parts of your spreadsheets, analyses and presentations
    • Test assumptions on-the-fly & ensure quick turn-around of changes
    • Always know the history & reasons behind any change or contribution
    • No more back and forth emails, file versions to reconcile and data leakage
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  • Automate Analysis & Reporting

    Analyze data on-the-fly in a self-service mode and instantly gain valuable business insights without waiting for experts to be available
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    • Compare scenarios and answer ‘what-if’ questions with Scenario analysis
    • Stress-test your decisions with Sensitivity & Impact analyses
    • Manage risk with Monte Carlo simulations
    • Streamline reporting with auto-generated Financial Statements
    • Extract key information in self-service mode and democratize spreadsheet data analysis
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  • Present Interactive Data With Impact

    Create visual interactive presentations your stakeholders can use to independently test assumptions and interact with the spreadsheet in an elegant and simple way
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    • Empower stakeholders to independently answer ‘what-if’ questions with Interactive Presentations
    • Create & share interactive and embeddable business case calculators driven by your spreadsheet without any technical know-how
    • Control information flow by sharing only specific parts of the presentations and reports
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Flexible. Familiar. Scalable.

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As Featured In

Matthew Bernath's Financial Modelling Podcast Logo
Matthew Bernath's Financial Modelling Podcast
‘Cloud-based financial modeling platforms’ (Ep. 44)

Visyond for remote work

  • A flexible and familiar spreadsheet interface that is cross-compatible with Excel
  • Low entry barrier - Visyond is easy to use and learn
  • Full transparency and control over your data
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Understand your data and make better decisions, faster.
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