Turn your Excel into an insights machine for
scenario planning

Visualize your spreadsheets as predictive dashboards, automate financial statements, and collaborate on what-if and risk analyses while protecting the model, sensitive data, and controlling exactly how much each and every person can interact with it.


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How can Visyond help you and your team?

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Be in control

Boost your team’s capabilities to get insights from and contribute information to the central spreadsheet in a secure and organized way that you fully control.
Keep the flexibility of a spreadsheet
Use the familiar syntax and formulas of Excel and quickly analyze the model, its scenarios, and create interactive visualizations for your team.
Establish a single source of truth
Scenarios, analyses, and dashboards are connected to the central spreadsheet and stored in one place — easy to track, manage access to and share with others.
Improve accountability
Track changes, improve your model’s reliability by separating logic from data and prevent people from corrupting it. When cells are edited, a new data layer is created for each editor, and old values are preserved.
Show people only what matters to them
Focus on what’s important, reduce information overload, and share only specific parts of the model with people. For example, predictive dashboards for decision-makers or data entry worksheets for contributors.

Get answers in minutes

Establish a visualization layer for your team to ask the central model ‘what-if’ questions, analyze scenarios and risks, and share interactive insights in minutes.
Effectively communicate insights
Show stakeholders only what they need to see, and create predictive dashboards for people to play with scenarios, test their own assumptions and forecasts so they will be prepared for ‘what will happen if…’
Automate what-if and risk analysis
Get collaborative analysis tools that anyone on the team can easily use. No code, no macros — just press a button and get results.
Model any scenario
Add any cell to any scenario, and modify values or formulas while keeping the original cell contents intact. Quickly update and combine scenarios, and turn planning into a collaborative experience.
Personalize visualizations
Adapt visualizations to your teammates’ needs and empower them to get insights from the central model without collaboration chaos or interfering with each other.

Fewer errors, better security

Improve data accuracy, reduce the risk of errors, protect sensitive information, and make better decisions, faster.
Audit spreadsheets
Make spreadsheets easier to understand and maintain. Identify errors, data anomalies, and logical inconsistencies. Track changes and data sources. Automatically document the model as people work on it.
Manage access
Share with people only what they need to see, manage access permissions, and protect sensitive information or proprietary modeling logic.
Keep the ‘value-formula’ connection
Visualizations are connected to the central spreadsheet’s data and formulas, allowing people to query the model and stay up to date with the latest changes in the model or scenarios.
Control data
Ensure that information won’t be lost or corrupted while you and your team contribute data, test scenarios, analyze decision metrics, or query the model through interactive dashboards.

3 simple steps to save countless hours

No installations. Easy-to-use. Value from day one.
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    Import your spreadsheet

    Import your spreadsheet or create one in Visyond, turning it into a collaborative platform for predictive dashboards and self-service analysis.

    Complement your existing toolkit (Excel add-ins, BI-tools) for quick and agile business case development, and build a solid foundation for decision making.
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    • No need to install anything. Visyond works in the browser, on any operating system.
    • Fully utilize your Excel modeling experience - Visyond uses the same formulas and syntax.
    • Improve your workflows by reducing errors, controlling access, and tracking changes and scenarios.
  • 2

    Understand how changes impact forecasts

    Get ready-to-present What-if analysis reports with a few clicks. It’s that simple.

    Deliver reliable insights and reduce the risk of errors.
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    • You don’t need to move data across many tools - analyses are in the cloud together with the model, its scenarios and dashboards.
    • Both novices and experts can easily analyze data, and build powerful workflows that are difficult and expensive to set up otherwise.
    • No-code and no need for maintenance if the spreadsheet changes.
  • 3

    Share insights via predictive dashboards

    Create interactive ‘what-if’ dashboards to visualize scenarios and forecasts, powered by your model’s calculations, without exposing the intricacies of the spreadsheet.
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    • Viewers playing with the numbers on the dashboard can’t break the spreadsheet (or even see it, if you so wish).
    • Each stakeholder has a unique view depending on which worksheets and dashboards they are allowed to see.
    • Dashboards are secure and always up-to-date visualization layers on top of your spreadsheet, which acts as a calculation engine in the cloud (a single source of truth).

Get started today

  • Leverage Excel skills
  • Do in minutes what takes days for others
  • Be productive, insightful and in control


Turn your Excel into an insights machine anybody can drive.
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