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Why Visyond?

  • Visyond is the only Excel-like solution that brings your spreadsheet's insights to life

    Visyond is a cloud platform that takes an Excel model as an input and builds interactive what-if analysis and predictive dashboarding workflows on top of it.

    It reduces the risk of errors and provides insights in minutes, saving countless hours every month.

    No installations. Easy-to-use. Value from day one.
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    • Complement existing tools (Excel add-ins, BI-tools) for quick and agile business case development, and build a solid foundation for decision making.
    • Get ready-to-present What-if analysis reports with a few clicks. It’s that simple.
    • Create interactive ‘what-if’ dashboards to visualize scenarios and forecasts, powered by the model’s calculations, without exposing the intricacies of the spreadsheet.

It's for Everyone Who Makes Decisions Based on Spreadsheets

  • Functions

    • Analysts and Modelers
      Analysts and Modelers
    • CxOs & Decision Makers
      CxOs & Decision Makers
    • Sales & Communication
      Sales & Communication
    • Consultants
  • Use Cases

    • Risk Analysis & Simulations
      Risk Analysis & Simulations
    • Planning & Modelling
      Planning & Modelling
    • Budgeting & Forecasting
      Budgeting & Forecasting
    • Financial Reporting
      Financial Reporting
    • Investment Analysis
      Investment Analysis
    • Scenario Analysis
      Scenario Analysis
  • Industries

    • Banking
    • Management Consulting
      Management Consulting
    • Financial Services
      Financial Services
    • Telecommunication
    • Real Estate
      Real Estate
    • Insurance

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Partner Benefits

Flexible Partnership

We want to tailor and personalize our partnership in a way that works for you. From referrals and introductions to end-to-end management.

Competitive Partner Benefits

Your growth is ours and we take it upon ourselves to offer an attractive proposition with our technology for exponential growth.

Marketing and Sales Support

Deploying a new solution to your existing offering entails time commitment. Therefore, we’ve created the right support and sales collateral so you can focus on winning new clients.

Strong New Value Proposition

Our partners benefit from offering an incremental value added service to their clients.

Types of Partners

Service Partners

If you are a management consultant or an advisory company and want to expand your offering by using the Visyond platform to provide your services.

Sales Partners

If you are a sales professional and looking to add a new offer to your portfolio.

Integration & Software Partners

If you want to integrate with Visyond and expand your solution or technology.

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Turn your Excel into an insights machine anybody can drive.
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