‘What-if’ You Could Analyze Sensitivities and Scenarios
in Minutes?

Sensitivities, Scenarios and What-if Analysis of your spreadsheet model has never been easier.
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What-if Analysis in 3 Simple Steps

  • 1

    Import Your Spreadsheet

    Import your model or create a new project from scratch.

    Visyond will warn you if there are errors or data anomalies, and create a collaborative workspace if you need to work in teams and track changes.
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    • Improve your performance without changing your workflow.
    • You don’t need to install anything - just open the browser and start getting results right away.
  • 2

    Automate What-if Analysis

    Get ready-to-present sensitivities and scenario analysis reports with a few clicks. If your model’s structure or data changes – just re-run the analysis to keep it up-to-date.

    It’s that simple.
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    • You don’t need to move data across many tools - analyses are in the cloud together with the model, its scenarios and dashboards.
    • Novices can easily analyze data, experts get powerful tools at a fraction of the cost.
    • No-code and no need for maintenance if the spreadsheet changes.
  • 3

    Share Interactive ‘What-if’ Dashboards

    Create impactful presentations of your analyses and turn them into interactive ‘what-if’ calculators where viewers can play with the numbers and visualize their own forecasts (powered by your spreadsheet’s formulas).
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    • Apply scenarios to dashboards, or play with the numbers in ‘What-if’ mode.
    • Manage access for each dashboard or worksheet per person for security and simplicity reasons.
    • Nobody can accidentally break the spreadsheet or obstruct the dashboard views of other collaborators.

Make Better Decisions, Faster.

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Improve Your Spreadsheet Analysis Workflow

  • What-if Analysis and Monte Carlo Simulations

    Analyze important decision metrics, and empower teams to self-serve and collaborate on analyses. All this - in a single platform that connects spreadsheets, analyses and dashboards.
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    • Visualize the impact of important cells with Tornado Analysis.
    • Learn what really drives your decision metrics and see how sensitive your model is to changes with Sensitivity Analysis.
    • Analyze risks with Monte Carlo simulations.
    • Get presentation-ready analysis charts and securely share them with collaborators.
    • Extend your collaborators’ analyses without anyone losing or corrupting data.
  • What-if Analysis Dashboards

    Create interactive dashboards powered by your spreadsheet, and securely share them online. Let your team or clients safely play with the numbers and reflect on scenarios without the risk of breaking the spreadsheet.
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    • Hide the complexity of the spreadsheet behind easy-to-use interactive dashboards, exposing only relevant inputs collaborators can ‘play’ with.
    • Creating a dashboard is easy. Add output cells with decision metrics from your spreadsheet, select input cells, style them as sliders or dropdowns, throw in some charts, and your dashboard is ready to go!
    • Your spreadsheet is safe. Changing data on the dashboard does not change the spreadsheet.
    • Control access. Share only specific dashboards and scenarios with specific collaborators.
  • Scenario Planning and Forecasting

    Analyze scenarios, create forecasts, compare Budget vs Actual and turn scenario planning into a truly collaborative experience.
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    • Answer ‘what-if’ questions with Scenario Analysis.
    • Visualize the cells that change between scenarios with Scenario Waterfall Analysis.
    • Track assumptions and scenarios from your collaborators, and always know where the numbers are coming from.
    • Empower collaborators to test scenarios independently via interactive dashboards, shielding them from information overload.
  • Watch Scenarios and Analysis in Action

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      Sensitivies and What-if Analysis
      Get presentation-ready Sensitivities, Scenarios, and Monte Carlo Simulations with a few clicks.
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      Scenario Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting
      Create and analyze scenarios on-the-fly, manage and collaborate on assumptions.
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      Interactive 'What-if' Dashboards
      Create interactive, spreadsheet-driven dashboards, and empower collaborators to test scenarios without the risk of breaking the model.

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Make better decisions, faster.
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