Automate Risk Analysis and Monte Carlo Simulations.
In Minutes.

Running Monte Carlo Simulations and Risk Analysis of your spreadsheet model has never been easier.
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Quantitative Risk Analysis in 3 Simple Steps

No installations. Easy-to-use. Value from day one.
  • 1

    Import Your Spreadsheet

    Import your spreadsheet or create one in Visyond, turning it into a collaborative platform for predictive dashboards and self-service analysis.

    Complement your existing toolkit (Excel add-ins, BI-tools) for quick and agile business case development, and build a solid foundation for decision making.
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    • No need to install anything. Visyond works in the browser, on any operating system.
    • Fully utilize your Excel modeling experience - Visyond uses the same formulas and syntax.
    • Improve your workflows by reducing errors, controlling access, and tracking changes and scenarios.
  • 2

    Understand How Changes Impact Forecasts

    Get ready-to-present Monte Carlo Simulations and Risk Analysis reports with a few clicks. It’s that simple.

    Deliver reliable insights and reduce the risk of errors.
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    • You don’t need to move data across many tools - analyses are in the cloud together with the model, its scenarios and dashboards.
    • Both novices and experts can easily analyze data, and build powerful workflows that are difficult and expensive to set up otherwise.
    • No-code and no need for maintenance if the spreadsheet changes.
  • 3

    Share Insights via Predictive Dashboards

    Create interactive ‘what-if’ dashboards to visualize scenarios and forecasts, powered by your model’s calculations, without exposing the intricacies of the spreadsheet.
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    • Viewers playing with the numbers on the dashboard can’t break the spreadsheet (or even see it, if you so wish).
    • Each stakeholder has a unique view depending on which worksheets and dashboards they are allowed to see.
    • Dashboards are secure and always up-to-date visualization layers on top of your spreadsheet, which acts as a calculation engine in the cloud (a single source of truth).

Try It Live Before You Sign Up

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Manage Risks and Uncertainty

  • Risk Analysis and Monte Carlo Simulations

    Improve your probabilistic modeling and quantitative risk analysis workflow with Monte Carlo Simulations and visualize the probability of the output decision metrics taking certain values.
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    • Get presentation-ready analysis charts and securely share them with collaborators.
    • Analyze important decision metrics, and empower teams to self-serve and collaborate on analyses. All this - in a single platform that connects spreadsheets, analyses and dashboards.
    • Visyond will generate descriptive statistics, probability density and cumulative distribution functions.
    • Visyond supports Various continuous and discrete probability distributions. If you aren’t sure what distribution to use, Visyond can analyze your historical data and suggest options.
    • You can generate samples elsewhere (e.g., using any random number generator) and add external samples to Visyond.
  • Decision-making Dashboards

    Create interactive dashboards powered by your spreadsheet, and securely share them online. Let your team or clients safely play with the numbers and reflect on scenarios without the risk of breaking the spreadsheet.
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    • Hide the complexity of the spreadsheet behind easy-to-use interactive dashboards, exposing only relevant inputs collaborators can ‘play’ with.
    • Creating a dashboard is easy. Add output cells with decision metrics from your spreadsheet, select input cells, style them as sliders or dropdowns, throw in some charts, and your dashboard is ready to go!
    • Your spreadsheet is safe. Changing data on the dashboard does not change the spreadsheet.
    • Control access. Share only specific dashboards and scenarios with specific collaborators.
  • Watch Monte Carlo Simulations in Action

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      Auto-analysis and Monte Carlo Simulations
      Get presentation-ready Monte Carlo Analysis in a few clicks.
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      Interactive Dashboards
      Create interactive, spreadsheet-driven dashboards, and empower collaborators to test scenarios without the risk of breaking the model.

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