Assessing Innovative Health Technologies with Multi-criteria Decision Analysis

  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Use Case: Scenario analysis, Modeling, Data sharing


  • The team needed a simple way to conduct scenario analysis that can be shared among colleagues and stakeholders in the healthcare industry.
  • Conducting multi-criteria decision analysis to evaluate the introduction of innovative health technologies in Italy’s hospitals.
  • Ability to create shareable complex matrix models allows CNR to be always updated on their latest health technology assessments.
  • The possibility of hiding some data allows researchers to maintain the most complete objectivity in their evaluations.
  • Automated scenario analysis to compare, in seconds, various guidelines for patients with congenital or rare diseases.
  • CNR automated various analyses on how their decisions impact patients’ health and hospital budgets.
  • Health Technology Assessment Reports can be created in a short amount of time and the results can be immediately shared with top management. Visyond being cloud-based makes it a great tool for remote collaboration.
  • It is now possible to easily create interactive dashboards and modify them in real-time with variable parameters.

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